Proven selling strategy. Backed by results.
Our method connects buyers and properties faster. We can better qualify buying positions and preferences prior to viewings and sellers can rest assured knowing lending ability has been confirmed by our independent broker partnership. This strengthens deals and helps avoid fall-throughs.

We don’t just put a board up and wait for the buyer to call us – our team employs a methodical, considered and tailored approach to pricing, marketing and negotiating for every deal. Any agent can tell you they have 20 buyers for your home, but having a strong understanding of our buyers’ needs and a deeper connection with each person allows us to identify the BEST match for your home, in a shorter time, with better financial results.

We understand the importance of pricing correctly and not just telling you what you want to hear. Pricing too low is no good, but pricing too high often results in a property lingering on the market, becoming ‘stale’ and often weakening seller negotiation power.


We work with owners months and sometimes years in advance to offer market insights, up-to-date valuations and strategies, so that they know their position and options year-round. If you need help working out if that extension is worth it, we’re here with honest advice.

Need to check finances? Our independent mortgage broker can assess your situation and set a solid plan. If your dream buyer is searching specifically for a home like yours and the time is right, we’ll use our expertise and our commitment to you, to deliver a stress-free and safe environment to sell your home in.

We get it – your privacy matters. You don’t want an online advert and you definitely don’t want a ‘For Sale’ board. We understand that you are the customer, and we ensure that your privacy is honoured by our professionalism.

No polyester suits, bad ties or smooth-talking estate agent nonsense...